Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bizu Patisserie

Restaurant: Bizu Patisserie
Location: Greenbelt

I really wanted to go to Bizu to buy some french macarons, but my bestfriend danie asked me if i want to have an afternoon tea, and of course i said yes! Afternoon tea at bizu costs 575.00PHP and it is good for two persons. It is served from 3-6pm daily.

View of bizu from outside



Once we were seated inside, the waitress offered us at once a glass of cold water.
After ordering, we decided that we want to dine outside.

And it was a good choice.

Table setting. I love the colors of the couches!

This is a good idea. You don't have to call over and over again the waiter or waitress if you will ask for something, you just press the button and they will attend to your need immediately.

I love the chandelier.

Lemon Wedges, Whip Cream and some Blueberry jam

Bite sized opera cakes, truffle, and macarons de paris

Caramelized Apples with Brie on Croute, Mushroom Duxelle in Vol Au Vent, Herbed Chicken Feta in Ciabatta and Ham and Cheese Croquette. I personally love the ham and cheese croquette, the cheese is oozing with richness and flavor. 

Scones and Madeleines

The whole set-up of the afternoon tea.

Great presentation.

Tea cup and tea pot



We were able to pick what kind of tea we wanted, and i think we chose the wrong one. I didn't like this. 

This one, i really like. It's not too sweet and it is extremely satisfying.

Bite sized opera cake

I love the macarons! You can taste the almond meal and the filling is so delicious! The macarons are very delicate.


We went inside because i would buy some macarons and a mini cake for take-out.

So many flavors to choose from!



Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes

This is what you will sea at the back of the counter.

My friend bought 14 pieces of macarons de paris and it costs 615.00PHP, a piece of macaron costs 40.00PHP

I love bizu's interior! My favorite color! 

Mini Cake

I chose the Babylon Mini Cake. Light raspberry mousse between layers of almond infused sponge.This costs 195.00PHP

I would definitely dine at bizu again. Waiters and waitresses are very attentive and accomodating. The first thing i noticed is that you don't have to ask them to refill your glass with water again and again. When they see that your glass is half empty, they will immediately refill it without you asking. And, the waiter or waitress assigned to you will always ask you if you need something. That's the kind of service that i want whenever i dine at some restaurant. The food is unique, tasty and delicious. The atmosphere is relaxing. The restaurant is simple, yet very sophisticated, with a soft music playing on the background. If you want to relax or unwind from a hard day's work, you should go here. They offer different food selections. From appetizer to dessert. They also have a branch in glorietta and st.luke's taguig.

For more information, visit: http://www.bizupatisserie.com

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