Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boo's Recipe

Shop: Boo's Recipe
Location: Quezon City ( Home Based)

Rose Ann Buscar, or "bubu" as she is fondly called by her friends is my husband's cousin's girlfriend. I first met her on facebook, and then later on, i personally met her at one of sta.ana's gatherings. She is actually a registered nurse, but she still manages to bake for her customers. I think her business actually started because of her love of baking. Later on, she took baking classes and even widened her product offerings. I was lucky to taste her famous "blueberry cheesecake" when i ordered a customized 8 inch cake for my father's birthday. Because i got good results, i trusted her to make floral cupcakes for me as a souvenir for my daughter's christening. She didn't disappoint me. Her cupcakes actually got good feedbacks.

These are the cupcakes that she made for me. I added the ribbons.She took care of the packaging. The cupcake was delicious! It has nuts and it has a creamy texture. The icing was not too sweet, just right. I do not have a picture of the 8 inch cheesecake that she made for me. 

This are Boo's Recipes products:

Her new addition: Chocolate Cheesecake

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