Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oki-Oki Restaurant

Restaurant: Oki-Oki Restaurant
Location: Trinoma

Another  japanese restaurant. Aside from the usual tokyo-tokyo, flavours of china and super bowl.

Beef Dish. This is served on a sizzling plate with bean sprouts. The waitress will ask you if you want the beef to be medium rare or well done. This dish was okay. Beef was not so tender, and the bean sprouts are bland. 

Sushi. I forgot what kind of sushi this is. But there's nothing new with it. Just the usual. The great presentation made up for it.

Left: Chicken Teriyaki, Right: Enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon.
The chicken teriyaki is tender. It's cooked perfectly and the sauce is not too sweet. The bacon was good too. It was thick and juicy! I also love the sauce that came with it. The enoki mushrooms were a bit too chewy and i had a hard time swallowing it.

Yang Chow Rice. It has ham, carrots, and green peas and some chorizo. The serving is huge and it can be shared by two persons. 

The service is okay but they are not very attentive.  Atmosphere is relaxing and i like the restaurant's lighting.  Well, for me this restaurant is a HIT. If you're looking for a new japanese restaurant, you should try at Oki-Oki. They have a lot of offerings in their menu. I just not a fan of japanese foods, but if you are, go ahead and try their dishes, it's also very affordable.

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