Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Restaurant: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Location: Greenbelt

When i heard and saw review about Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, i promised myself that i have to try and eat at this restaurant. Max brenner is an israeli restaurant that specializes in chocolate dishes. They are known for their HUG MUG, ALICE CUP and SUCKAO. 

You can dine inside or just opt to dine outside.


Some mugs. I want to purchase the hug mug, but they sell it for a steep price. More expensive than the starbucks mugs. In the picture: Kangaroo mug and the Suckao

Boxes for chocolates.

The restaurant's wallpaper is very pretty.

See that? That's a lot of chocolate! 

The chocolate passes through pipes and then it comes out on those. It is divided to MILK, WHITE, and DARK. 

This is the hug mug. This is the mug that they use for hot chocolates.

I ordered the Venezuela Milk Chocolate for 158.00PHP and danie went for Melting Marshmallow hot chocolate for 158.00PHP + service charge. My order was too sweet because it was pure milk chocolate. I should have ordered a milk chocolate based drink.

Choctails. These are frozen chocolate frappes. I was expecting that it will be served on the Alice Cup. But i was wrong. I was really disappointed. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappe for 268.00PHP. Danie ordered the Starwberry White Chocolate Float for 298.00PHP + service charge.

Overall, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is a MISS for me. I was disappointed. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is connected to Le Petit Artisan Bread Shop. So there's really no privacy. Some customers from Le Petit Artisan orders from Max brenner. Max brenner only has 1 staff i think? the guy who makes the chocolate drinks. He is also the cashier and waiter. The one who took our order was a staff or baker from Le Petit Artisan i think? And then some of the menu items are not available. Why not revise their menu? The chocolate pralines are not available. It's a chocolate bar, chocolates should be available. Their drinks are too expensive, but it's pure chocolate though, that's why i understand them when it comes to pricing. Well, i would definitely not go back to max brenner again. I searched for other chocolate bars around makati, and i expect that what happened here, will not happen again.

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  1. I haven't been to Max Brenner that's why I can't really tell the difference between them and other chocolate cafes. Although now that I've read your post I might just be in there Greenbelt branch later.

    Haley McAdams
    ISOcampus.com ISO 22000